We are Zurna.

A clothing brand that was created by sisters, Tamar and Adi, and are from a small and special beach city in Israel. 

Tamar is the big sister and from a young age she has always had a passion for the world of art. Music has played an instrumental part in her childhood and is still present in her life today. 

“I love art because it is the cleanest way for artists to present themself, between music, drawing, or dance.

At the end of the day, the art creation embodies the side of the artist in the most natural and authentic way. 

My love for fashion is in my blood, I love to go to second-hand stores and find pieces that feel like me. 

I love fashion because it has worldwide appeal, everyone uses clothing and in my opinion it is universal for everyone.” 

Adi pitzi (small in Hebrew) is the little sister and from a young age she learned classical music and even studied in an art school. 

Adi always loved fashion and learning about it, she even has a quiet impressing sneakers collection. 

“I always knew art is my way, every kind of art, if it’s music, fashion or photography. From a young age I played the trumpet and always had respect for musicians. I have a natural connection for aesthetics and I love to see the connection between this and fashion happens. I started this company because I believe that there is a freedom of expression in clothes, this is something that touches everyone of us on a daily bases. I love to enjoy life, travel in Europe, hang out with my friends and just watch the 

sunset together, all this things gives me proportions” .

The word, Zurna, is a Tunisian word that means “come visit.”

The word that our grandmother always says, even though she is older and has memory loss, she always remembers to tell us to come visit.

Something so deeply rooted in our home, and we believe that it is a message we need to send to the world. 

The belief that brings us to this journey is the belief that every person needs to be the realest version of themselves and maybe the love in the world can grow. 

We believe that the world belongs to the young and we are here to change and improve ourselves, our surroundings, and most importantly, do this with the help of love.

We believe that we are here to make our world a better place and we chose to do that with our clothing brand.

So just enjoy the moment, go see the sunset with some wine and your best buds, listen to your favorite song (for the million time) 

Call your mamo and papa, and the most important part is – Be your self and ZURNA (;

Hello to all good good people

Welcome Summer!

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